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Webinar 2018

As part of its network activities, MoviCi is organizing a series of webinars with mobility experts from Europe and South America.


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V2X Standardization

V2X Standardization (Vehicle-to-everything)

Thursday 26th April - 2018

08:00 AM - 09:00 AM (Colombian time)



• Klaus Banse (Fundación ITS Colombia)

• Luis Felipe Herrera (Universidad Piloto de Colombia)


How does the development of highways  lead towards V2X?

Timeline of standards US and Europe. How could Colombia develop?



The first webinar is about the standardization of V2X communication as an important issue of Smart Mobility.

In the field of V2X communication, the introduction into the market of complex systems and services has already begun. In order to guarantee the requirements in terms of availability, reliability and security at the interfaces between systems and manufacturers, a broad standardization is required. This is essential both for optimal organization, information and traffic guidance and for the support of autonomous driving. The practices and markets of Europe and South America are quite different in this respect. Therefore, this webinar will serve to evaluate and discuss together with experts from both continents the current standardization activities with respect to ETSI and 3GPP.


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