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German Aerospace Center

DLR is the national research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany on aeronautics and space, transport and energy. In our research on transport at the DLR, we analyse how traffic is generated, how transport is developing, what impact on the environment this has, and how negative effects can be minimized. This involves studying peoples’ mobility behaviour and examining traffic reduction and modal shift. Further research topics include national and international trends in mobility and new technologies for coming generations of cars, commercial vehicles, and trains. Our work on traffic management ranges from the optimization of individual modes to an examination of all transport modes, including walking and cycling, to foster an intermodal, integrated transport chain. In the light of global urbanization, the DLR also researches new mobility and logistics services in cities. The Clearing House of Transport Data at DLR makes available large scale survey data to the national and international community.


The German Aerospace Center is head of the Network MoviCi and involved with its two Institutes: The Institute of Transport Research and the Institute of Transportation Systems.









Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin – this is the Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH mission. With customized services and an excellent science and research network, our many experts provide an outstanding range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin.

A unique public-private partnership, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology collaborates with the Berlin State Senate and over 270 companies dedicated to promoting their city. Berlin Partner is also responsible for marketing the German capital to the world, for example with the successful “be Berlin” campaign.









German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM)

The German Partnership for Sustainable Mobility (GPSM) is serving as a guide for sustainable mobility and green logistics solutions from Germany. As a platform for exchanging knowledge, expertise and experiences, GPSM supports the transformation towards sustainability in developing and emerging countries. It serves as a network of information from academia, businesses, civil society and associations. “Sustainable Mobility – Made in Germany” stands for sustainable, proven, resource efficient, innovative, trustworthy and flexible solutions for all domains of mobility and logistics services.









National University of Colombia at Medellín

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is an autonomous independent entity of superior education linked to the Ministry of National Education, with a special and defined regime as a National and Public University. Its goal is the development of professional education and investigation, which will be encouraged by the State allowing access to it and developing it on the same level as sciences and arts to achieve excellence.


Its history has given Medellín a peculiar character since it was not formed, as most other universities are, from the classic degrees of Law, Medicine, Arts and Sciences. Instead, the site grew out of its engineering program, which is why today, the Medellín branch has the highest number of engineering degrees of the National University of Colombia and Colombia in general. The university's emphasis on engineering has led in the development, teaching, and application of engineering in Colombia.









Trialog Publishers publishing group

In 1990, TRIALOG PUBLISHERS started out as a creative network of journalists, photographers and designers with B2B magazines for globally active customers in the automotive, information technology, services and technology sectors. Today, the service offers conception, new development and relaunch of publications, editorial staff (topic planning until final correction), design and layout (new development, realization), prepress, (pre-) production, production management, media service, printing and shipping. In other words, as a publishing partner for science and research, companies and publishers, TRIALOG PUBLISHERS manages strategic, content-oriented, and organizational publications from the initial idea to the finished product.








ITS Mobility Nord  - the mobility cluster in Northern Germany

ITS Mobility Nord is an active, multi-branched network that profitably connects economy and science. More than 200 research institutions, industrial partners, small and medium enterprises, associations, public authorities and experts are member of our cluster. With profound knowledge of the mobility sector, ITS Mobility Nord launches innovative ideas and fosters them purposefully.


ITS Mobility Nord enters into dialog and stimulates development in the mobility branch – our events and projects form an ideal platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge among experts and potential cooperation partners. We operate regionally, nationally and world-wide and also act as a back-office for industry consortia and project networks.






Campaign City of Tomorrow

The campaign MoviCi is part of the Initiative Zukunftsstadt (“Ciudad del futuro”) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.



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